Originally Video Gaming consoles were designed to be played with up to four players in the same room with only one console.  Video consoles were placed in the entertainment/family room. 

Nowadays Video Gaming consoles are designed to be played by one player per console in an on-line environment with other players who are not in the same room. More than ever, video consoles are now being placed in the child’s bedroom.

Deepening Problem for Parents:  

Ten years ago the Video Game Console was a reason for kids to invite other kids over to play together in the same room like any other kids game.

Now the games are meant to be played one player per console, the single console, multiplayer game is out.  This dramatic change in game design has forced kids to stay home and connect with other kids on-line via xbox live.   This new form of gaming is very different than gaming 10 years ago.  This new form offers minimal opportunities for building the meaningful social skills that are developed through unstructured, face to face group activities.

Unstructured activities are those activities kids play unsupervised in the yard, driveway, field.  Pick up basketball, Manhunt, and Wiffle ball are traditional youth activities that foster social skills building.

Youths are missing opportunities for meaningful social interaction with others as they game in Isolation in their homes.   They miss those opportunities to engage in the social interaction skills exclusive to a group setting.

The bedroom gamer is extremely prone to spending a large percentage of their free time gaming and spectating in isolation behind a closed door.

New Solution

Purchase a multi-viewing projection screen system that can easily be set up in under a half hour. Kids can invite their friends to come over and play together, at the same time, on the same team, on the same screen. 

Today’s video gaming consoles are designed to be portable.  Kids just bring their console and controller and plug into the Multi-viewing system.

4Panes Solution

4Panes offers the only affordable multi-viewing projection screen system that families can easily set up in under a half hour. 

The system is the simplest, least cost way to integrate the three main disparate home entertainment content platforms onto one screen.  The three separate platforms include:  Cable TV, Stream based content, and .com.

Our system permits up to 4 people to game together and or watch something in tandem, all at the same time. 


  • All equipment is shared by entire family. Our equipment also makes watching sports and movies the best.

  • Kids learn to enjoy their free time in a common room that permits group play and spectating.

  • Kids play for shorter lengths of time when they are in common room playing with other people.

  • Kids play video games more civilly when in shared environements.

  • Easier for parents to monitor and understand what the kids are doing when they play in common room through casual observation.

Multiple Players on a Single Screen (MPSS)

Why is there is more engagement between players than playing alone?

  • There is more constructive social interaction required when speaking with a player in person, than when the players are in two isolated rooms (bedroom) on a headset.

  • All the social elements of being together with people are available, versus only the social element of talking on a phone (head/set).

  • The team experience is heightened when gaming in the same room given the additional interaction that takes place, the visualization of the competition being a shared experience with all players game images presented as a team.

  • The ability to watch a teammate’s game intermittently during play, increases the interest level in each other’s game versus when there is just a single focus on their own game as it is all they experience in isolation.

  • The ability to create and consume group energy that is fueled by proximity, being in the same room. This type of energy is not present when teams game separated into isolated rooms.

The required equipment is a large projection screen, projector, multiviewer and 4 media sources (Xbox, PS, Nintendo, PC, Phone, Roku stick, Amazon Stick, Cable TV, Open Air TV, DVD, Media Hub).  That’s it.

At the same time you will be creating a home entertainment theater room that brings people together to game and watch entertainment, all at the same time.