for Innovative Home Multi Viewing Theater

If You Are...

An enthusiastic Gamer

Willing to share feedback

Inspired by new technology

Added Bonus If…

College student in Fraternity/Sorority

Sports viewer




We are a start up company  set out to change "Television".  Gone are expensive flat-screen TV's with a single input. When we game, we want multiple screens which is the core of 4 Panes. We also want to be able to watch a ballgame and access our social media while gaming.        

When we watch sports, we want to see more than just 1 camera. We want to see the game on Screen 1, our favorite player on Screen 2, another player on Screen 3, while checking our fantasy team on Screen 4. This allows us to "Home Direct", using the "multi-viewer", another cornerstone of the 4 Panes system.

Our patent pending solution will be a necessary partner during the roll out of Next Gen TV.

With screens as large as 125", our systems will start at$400

We will produce 30 systems during our first run, and they will be available for purchase at discounted pricing to all beta testers.   There is no financial obligation to register.  You are securing a spot in line and will be notified when we're ready to start you will be sent a deep discount code.  Thanks for helping us re-invent home entertainment!