Company Statement

4 Panes is a start-up company that is committed to developing Next Gen TV technologies and products for home entertainment. 

Our mission is to:

  • Bring people together to share a new home entertainment experience on a single viewing screen *

  • Create an Immersive Entertainment Experience with screens up to 121”

  • Allow viewers to control their viewing experience via Home Directed TV, the new HDTV

  • Deliver a more cost effective alternative for large screen entertainment

*Multi Player Single Screen and Multi View Single Screen 


Who We Are

Founder and CEO Andy De Meo has been a pioneer in the development of cutting edge Home Entertainment technology since 1993.

Our executive team consists of seasoned professionals with backgrounds in Digital innovation, Imagery, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Operational Excellence.  

We are fortunate to have close to 50 Beta Testers that are providing invaluable insight as we march towards providing a system that revolutionizes home viewing of Gaming, Sports and Cinema.    


Please join our team via the NEXT GEN TV BETA TEST GROUP. 

Just contact by e-mail and tell us why you want to join.